Building Resilient Communities: Exploring Stress Management and Mental Well-being at the Ellis County Wellness Symposium

Join Renowned Psychologist, ADHD Specialist, TEDx Speaker, and Best-Selling Author, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, for an enlightening keynote presentation on Community Empowerment and Stress Management at The Ellis County Wellness Symposium. Mark your calendars for this not-to-be-missed event taking place on Friday, August 18th at 9:15am at the Waxahachie Civic Center in Waxahachie, Texas.

Take a step towards personal growth, community building, and holistic well-being. Register now and embrace a transformative experience that will empower you to lead a more fulfilling life.

Registration for the event is free and now open. To secure your spot and embark on this transformative journey, visit the official registration website at
Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from one of the foremost authorities in psychology and gain valuable insights for personal growth and community empowerment.

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, a highly respected expert in psychology and ADHD, brings her vast knowledge and experience to the Ellis County community. She has empowered countless individuals to overcome challenges and lead fulfilling lives. In her keynote presentation, Dr. Hammond will explore the intricate relationship between stress, mental well-being, and community dynamics. Drawing from her extensive research and professional experience, she will provide attendees with effective tips to navigate stress, build resilience, and empower themselves and their communities. Attending the Ellis County Wellness Symposium offers an incredible opportunity to gain insights from Dr. Nekeshia Hammond. Her expertise will equip you with practical strategies to overcome stress and a pathway to lead a healthier life.

The Ellis County Wellness Symposium is an exciting gathering that aims to promote overall well-being and foster a sense of community. The event brings together renowned experts, industry leaders, and individuals passionate about wellness. It serves as a platform for knowledge-sharing, networking, and discovering the latest trends and practices in holistic wellness.

For more information about Dr. Nekeshia Hammond and her impactful work, visit to see the entire website at Stay connected with her updates, articles, and upcoming speaking engagements, and be inspired to live your best life.

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond Wins Next Level Leadership Award at Next Level Speakers Conference, Honored by Jeremy Anderson and ET the Hip Hop Preacher

Dr. Hammond has added another feather to her illustrious cap by winning the prestigious 2023 Next Level Leadership Award. The award was presented to her at the Next Level Speakers Conference, hosted by Jeremy Anderson, ET the Hip Hop Preacher, and Inky Johnson. This remarkable achievement highlights Dr. Hammond’s exceptional expertise, leadership, and dedication to empowering individuals through her impactful public speaking engagements. Learn more about Dr. Hammond and her groundbreaking work on her official website,

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond: A renowned Psychologist, ADHD specialist, TEDx Speaker, and Best-Selling Author, An Inspiring Force: Dr. Hammond has established herself as a leading figure in the field of psychology and ADHD. With years of experience and extensive knowledge, she has successfully transformed countless lives through her evidence-based strategies and compassionate approach. Dr. Hammond’s commitment to helping individuals overcome obstacles, particularly those related to ADHD, has made her a sought-after speaker at conferences, seminars, and TEDx events locally as well as globally.

The Next Level Speakers Conference is a premier event that brings together influential speakers, thought leaders, and industry professionals from various domains. The conference provided a platform for Dr. Nekeshia Hammond to showcase her expertise and engage with fellow professionals in the industry.

The Next Level Leadership Award recognizes excellence in leadership and public speaking, the Next Level Leadership Award is an esteemed accolade bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. Dr. Nekeshia Hammond’s relentless dedication and exceptional speaking prowess set her apart, making her a deserving recipient of this prestigious honor. The award serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to transforming lives and empowering individuals through her impactful public speaking engagements.

Book Dr. Nekeshia Hammond for Your Next Event. With her extensive experience and expertise in psychology and ADHD, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond is an ideal choice for organizations, conferences, and events looking to inspire and educate their audience. Her thought-provoking speeches and engaging presentations leave a lasting impact on attendees, equipping them with practical strategies to overcome challenges and achieve personal and professional growth.

To explore the opportunity of having Dr. Hammond speak at your next event, or to learn more about her groundbreaking work, or to see her acclaimed books, and her speaking engagements, explore the complete website at The website provides a wealth of information about her background, achievements, services, and upcoming events.

Booking inquiries can also be made through the website, allowing organizations and event planners to secure Dr. Hammond’s expertise for their upcoming events. Don’t miss the chance to be inspired by her powerful message and transformative insights.

Dr. Hammond Shaping Mental Health Discussions at Canvas Rebel Podcast, “Mental Health: Lessons, Insights & Discussion Points for 2023”

In the ever-evolving landscape of mental health awareness, it is crucial to have inspiring individuals who can effectively communicate their expertise and insights to a broader audience. Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, a renowned psychologist, ADHD specialist, TEDx speaker, and a best-selling author, is one such remarkable individual. Recently, she captivated audiences at the Canvas Rebel, hosted by Canvas Rebel Podcast, where she shared her profound knowledge and valuable perspectives on mental health. Dr. Nekeshia Hammond’s exceptional skills as a public speaker can make remarkable improvements in the mental health spectrum, she is the ideal choice for mental health speaking engagements.

This session by Canvas Rebel, named “Mental Health: Lessons, Insights & Discussion Points for 2023”, aimed to bring together experts in the field to discuss the challenges, lessons, and emerging trends within mental health. This interview provided a platform for thought-provoking conversations, enabling audiences to gain valuable insights from esteemed panelists like Dr. Nekeshia Hammond.

Dr. Hammond’s Impactful Presence: As the session unfolded, Dr. Hammond’s presence resonated with the audience. Her dynamic and engaging speaking style immediately drew listeners in, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and receptivity. With her extensive knowledge and experience as a psychologist and ADHD specialist, Dr. Hammond effortlessly commanded attention and established herself as an authority on mental health matters.

The Power of Dr. Hammond’s Words: Throughout the session Dr. Hammond delivered a series of thought-provoking ideas, employing her exceptional oratory skills to captivate the audience. Her ability to articulate complex concepts in a relatable and accessible manner is a testament to her talent as an effective public speaker. Each word she utters carries a profound impact, leaving the audience inspired and motivated to take action in their own lives.

One of the notable aspects of Dr. Hammond’s presentation was her emphasis on the significance of mental health. She skillfully highlighted the lessons learned and insights gained from her years of research and practical experience, offering the audience a fresh perspective on the subject. Dr. Hammond’s ability to connect with her listeners on a personal level and address their concerns helps to break down barriers and create a comfortable space for everyone.

Dr. Hammond’s remarkable session at the Canvas Rebel Podcast serves as a compelling testament to her prowess as an effective speaker. Her ability to connect with diverse audiences, communicate complex ideas effectively, and leave a lasting impact is truly unparalleled. By hiring Dr. Hammond for mental health-related public speaking engagements, the event’s organizers can ensure a memorable experience for their attendees, as her passion for mental health and empowering others shines through in every word she speaks.

Unleashing the Potential of Personal Branding and Public Education Through Social Media: Dr. Nekeshia Hammond will speak at James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital

Under the auspices of the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond will take center stage on June 16th at 8:00 am to deliver a captivating and informative talk on the subject of “Personal Branding and Public Education Through Social Media.” This will be a private virtual presentation.
Dr. Hammond is a renowned psychologist, author, public speaker, TEDx speaker, and ADHD specialist. Dr. Hammond’s passion for mental health education and her dedication to empowering others has made her a sought-after expert in the field. This exclusive event is designed specifically for psychologist trainees in the mental health industry who are keen to explore the realm of public education.
In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become powerful tools for disseminating knowledge, raising awareness, and fostering meaningful connections. Dr. Hammond, drawing from her own experiences and expertise, research, and knowledge will delve into the realm of personal branding and how it can be harnessed to enhance public education initiatives.
The importance of personal branding cannot be overstated, particularly in the field of mental health. Through a well-crafted personal brand, professionals can establish themselves as authoritative voices, expand their reach, and engage with diverse audiences. Dr. Hammond, having successfully built her own personal brand, will share invaluable insights and strategies to help psychologist trainees navigate this terrain effectively.
Furthermore, social media platforms have proven to be invaluable resources for public education campaigns. From raising awareness about mental health challenges to debunking myths and providing evidence-based information, social media can be leveraged as a potent tool. Dr. Hammond will share practical tips and best practices for utilizing social media effectively, also with the necessary skills to engage and educate the public through these platforms.
Although this is a private event but by spreading the word, you can help foster a supportive community of mental health professionals who are dedicated to public education and to support them to contribute to the cause from their end.
Together, we can unlock the power of personal branding and social media to drive positive change in the mental health landscape.
For those who attended Dr. Hammond’s presentations, you are well aware of the valuable insights and inspiration she brings to her talks. We are confident that this upcoming virtual presentation will be equally enlightening and empowering for already registered attendees too, as Dr. Hammond continues to champion the cause of mental health education.
We encourage you to explore Dr. Hammond’s work and engage with her on social media to witness firsthand the impact she has made in the field of mental health.

Enhance Your Mental Health Through Giving Back: Join the Ryan Nece Foundation’s Morning Huddle Fundraising Event on May 12

As the world continues to evolve and become increasingly fast-paced, mental health concerns have become more prevalent. The topic of mental health is no longer taboo and it’s essential to take care of our mental well-being as much as our physical health. This is why public speaking on mental health is so important.

Giving back is one of the most significant ways to enhance your mental health. Studies have shown that those who engage in acts of kindness experience a boost in mood and overall mental well-being. At the upcoming event hosted by Ryan Nece Foundation, individuals in the Tampa Bay area have the opportunity to learn more about how giving back can improve their mental health.

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, a psychologist, published author, and Ryan Nece Foundation Board Chair, is moderating the “Morning Huddle” program as a fundraiser event for the Student Service Program. The event is tailored for adults who wish to support and raise funds for the program that helps teens with various mental health topics.

If you’re interested in supporting a great cause while also learning about important mental health topics, then mark your calendar for the “Morning Huddle” program. This upcoming fundraiser event is the perfect opportunity to come together as a community to support teens struggling with mental health challenges. At the event, Dr. Hammond will lead discussions on a variety of mental health topics. As a professional in the field, she has extensive experience working with individuals who face mental health challenges, and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. Not only will you be able to learn from her insights, but you’ll also be able to network with other adults who share your desire to help make a difference in the lives of teens.

By attending the “Morning Huddle,” you’ll be able to make a direct impact on the lives of these young people. This event will cover several mental health topics related to how giving back can have a positive impact on your own mental health, how community service is beneficial for everyone, how to work on your personal development, and how to take care of your mental health.

The Ryan Nece Foundation’s “Morning Huddle” is a student service fundraising program moderated by Dr. Nekeshia Hammond. This program provides invaluable support to teens in the Tampa Bay area who are struggling with various mental health topics.

So, whether you’re a mental health professional or simply someone who wants to make a difference by giving back to the community, this event is not to be missed. Don’t wait – sign up today and be a part of this important fundraiser event!

Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A. Receives 2023 Best of Brandon Award: A Great Step Towards Enhancing Mental Health

Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A., a renowned mental health practitioner office, has recently received the 2023 Best of Brandon Award in the Mental Health Practitioner Offices category. Dr. Nekeshia Hammond is the founder and owner of Hammond Psychology & Associates.

This recognition has been given by the Brandon Award Program, which identifies and honors local businesses that have achieved exceptional marketing success in their community and business category. The Best of Brandon Award is a prestigious achievement that highlights the exceptional work of Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A. in the field of mental health.

Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A. has shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value. Their efforts in providing exceptional mental health services to their community have been recognized, and this award is a great step toward their continued growth and success.

Hammond Psychology & Associates is not a new but a well-established name in the mental health services industry, having provided exceptional services since 2009. Their consistent efforts in providing top-quality mental health services have paid off well with this recognition.

This recognition is a significant step towards enhancing mental health services in the Brandon area. The award is a testament to the exceptional work that Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A. has been providing in their community. Over the years, Hammond Psychology & Associates has shown their ability to provide top-quality mental health services. Their expertise in the field of mental health has helped them to create a positive impact on the community. With this recognition,, Hammond Psychology & Associates has further cemented their position as a leading mental health service provider in the Brandon area.

To receive the award, Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A. underwent a rigorous selection process. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2023 Brandon Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Brandon Award Program and data provided by third parties. Therefore, receiving this award is a significant achievement for Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A.

The Brandon Award Program recognizes the best of local businesses, and Hammond Psychology & Associates is undoubtedly one of them. The organization works exclusively with local individuals and local groups and aims to highlight the significance and contribution of local businesses in their community’s economic and social development.

Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A. receiving 2023 Best of Brandon Award is a testament to their years of hard work and dedication towards improving mental health in their community. It is clear that Hammond Psychology & Associates is a company that truly cares about its clients and community making it a great place to live, work, and play. This recognition shows the potential of Hammond Psychology & Associates to improve communities’ overall well-being.

Dr. Hammond will be delivering a parents session about ADHD in kids; What Every Parent Needs to Know at Belmont Day School in Belmont, Massachusetts.

On April 27th, 2023, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, a mental health professional, motivational keynote speaker, and black female motivational speaker, will speak at Belmont Day School in Belmont, Massachusetts, to parents about her new book ‘ADHD Explained: What Every Parent Needs to Know.’ Her presentation will provide valuable personal development keynote speaker insights into Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a common neurodevelopmental disorder that affects millions of children worldwide. It impacts their social, academic, and emotional functioning. Dr. Hammond will bust the myths of ADHD and provide insights into the truths about this disorder. She will also discuss the causes of ADHD, which can be genetic, due to brain injury, environmental exposure during pregnancy or early childhood (e.g., lead), low birth weight, premature delivery, or alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy. During her talk, Dr. Hammond will provide five critical steps parents should take to manage ADHD successfully, including consultation, evaluation, confirmation, intervention, and collaboration. She will also discuss the importance of comprehensive evaluations to assess ADHD, including a thorough examination of symptoms to rule out other factors that may cause inattention and hyperactivity. Dr. Hammond will provide key strategies to communicate with your school, including documentation of IEP, 504 plans, and other interventions.
Parents will learn about modifications they can make to help their child at home and in school, such as extended time, written instructions, extra breaks, a separate room, self-care, seat arrangement, organization help, and a behavior chart. Dr. Hammond will also provide insights into treatment options for ADHD, which may include individual therapy, play therapy, family therapy, marital therapy, parent skills training, social skills group, medication, healthy habits strategies, and in-school strategies. Parents will also learn about the importance of practicing self-care to avoid burnout and seeking support from others. Dr. Hammond is a famous guest speaker for schools and an education keynote speaker who is available for motivational speeches for high school students, middle school students, and teens. She is also a motivational speaker for teachers who can help in mental health professional development. Her presentation on ADHD will be an inspirational speech that can benefit parents, caregivers, and schools working together to support the child’s success. By understanding the myths and truths, causes, risk factors, and best treatment options for ADHD, parents can ensure their child’s success.

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond will be delivering a keynote address at the Black Child Development Institute – Hampton Roads fundraising gala

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, a renowned expert in child development and licensed psychologist, will be delivering a keynote address at the National Black Child Development Institute’s fundraising gala on April 8th, at 7 pm.

Dr. Hammond is a licensed psychologist and best-selling book author with over 15 years of experience working with children and families in various settings. She is the founder of Hammond Psychology & Associates, providing psychological evaluations to children, teens, and adults. Her expertise includes trauma, social-emotional learning, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Dr. Hammond believes that by investing in the development of black children, we can help ensure that they have the resources and support they need to thrive and reach their full potential, and addressing these issues is crucial for promoting equity and justice in society. Additionally, investing in black children is an investment in the future, as they will be the leaders and contributors to tomorrow’s society.

The National Black Child Development Institute (BCDI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for black children and families by providing research-based resources, advocacy, and support. BCDI’s mission aligns closely with Dr. Hammond’s expertise in trauma, social-emotional learning, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Dr. Hammond’s knowledge and experience make her an ideal keynote speaker for the BDCI-HR’s fundraising gala, and her engaging and dynamic speaking skills are sure to deliver a powerful message that will resonate with attendees and further the organization’s mission. Her expertise in child development, trauma, diversity, equity, and inclusion can be valuable to any group that works with children and families. Hiring Dr. Hammond for public speaking events can be an excellent investment for any organization that aims to support the well-being and development of black children and their families.

Dr. Hammond’s speaking skills are outstanding. She is an engaging and dynamic speaker who can capture the attention of her audience and deliver her message effectively. Her ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner makes her an ideal speaker for any public speaking event.

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond | Keynote Speaker At College of Central Florida for Early Childhood Conference to speak about “Family Mental Health, Trauma, and Recovery”

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond speaks at the College of Central Florida’s Early Childhood Conference on “Family Mental Health, Trauma, and Recovery.”

Mental health is an important aspect of overall well-being that affects not only individuals but also families and communities. Mental health issues can have far-reaching consequences and may impact a person’s ability to work, study, and socialize. It is especially important to address mental health issues in the context of family relationships, as family dynamics can both influence and be influenced by mental health concerns.

The College of Central Florida’s Early Childhood Conference recognizes the importance of mental health in the lives of children and families. As part of the conference’s focus on promoting healthy development in young children, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, a renowned mental health expert, will be delivering a keynote address on “Family Mental Health, Trauma, and Recovery.”

Dr. Hammond is an accomplished licensed psychologist, author, and keynote speaker who has dedicated her career to improving mental health outcomes for children and families. She is the founder of Hammond Psychology & Associates, a private practice that provides a range of mental health services to individuals, couples, and families.

During her keynote address, Dr. Hammond will be sharing her expertise on family mental health, trauma, and recovery. She will discuss the impact of traumatic experiences on individuals and families, and provide insights on how to cope with trauma and promote healing. Dr. Hammond will also highlight the importance of early intervention in addressing mental health concerns and promoting healthy development in children.

The conference will also feature other presentations and workshops on various topics related to early childhood development, including language acquisition, play-based learning, and social-emotional development.

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond’s keynote address at the College of Central Florida’s Early Childhood Conference is an excellent opportunity for mental health professionals, educators, parents, and caregivers to learn from Dr. Hammond and other experts in the field of early childhood development. By attending the conference, participants can gain valuable insights into how to support healthy development in young children and promote positive mental health outcomes for families.

Through her insights, attendees can gain valuable knowledge on how to promote healthy development in young children and support positive mental health outcomes for families.

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond | Speaker at Corporate Counsel Women of Color Conference

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond will be speaking at the 18th Annual Corporate Counsel Women of Color & Hogan Lovells Career Strategies Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on October 5, 2022.

To learn more about the conference, please visit:

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